Established in 1978, Enburg Group started as a local food manufacturer in Taiwan and over the past 30 years has grown into one of the largest candy manufacturers in the world.

Enburg Group has simultaneously evolved into a multidimensional investment company that has branched out to encompass a number of industries including the following:

  • Marble Mining
  • Animal Feed Manufacturing
  • Packaging & Printing
  • Biotechnology
  • Cedar Tree Farming
  • Water Treatment
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCD)
  • Real Estate Acquisitions & Development

With this broad scope Enburg has developed into a multinational group with over 20 subsidiary companies located in Mainland China, Taiwan,  Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Panama and the United States.

Proudly, Enburg is a component of the Asian economic boom, expanding corporations and providing hundreds of job opportunities in North and Central America.